Dominate Your Online Market

You built a website.
You created content for it.
Now what?…

A track record that spans the age of the internet itself and experience gained from it.

Dominating online markets since 1997!

PrairieWeb Internet Marketing helps your website succeed by addressing these essential business and marketing questions. If you only address the technical questions about your website, it can never realize its full potential.

Do you know:

  • Is your website helping you reach your business goals?
  • What questions are buyers asking online?
  • How to make your answers to buyers’ questions highly visible?
  • Which content is most compelling to your customers?
  • How to make your website more visible to buyers?
  • How your website stacks up compared with competitors?
  • How you can make it easier to keep up with the constantly changing puzzle of Internet marketing?

We act as an extension of your marketing and Internet team, collaborating with you on:

  • A customized, comprehensive Internet marketing plan
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Paid advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing

See Our Track Record of Internet Marketing Successes

With PrairieWeb, your website results improve over time to help your business grow.

It’s Not About the Quantity of Visitors, But the Quality of Visitors

For example, PrairieWeb customer Aprons & Smocks’ website traffic increased slightly, however by refocusing the website content and attracting more qualified visitors, the result was a 1,182% increase in sales. See full story here.

Our customer US Hose Corporation, a global manufacturer, increased website conversions by 20%. This led to a growth in revenues, as well as attracting clients like Boeing Aerospace, NASA, Caterpillar, and supplied equipment that appeared in the Hollywood movie Armageddon.

These are just 2 examples of how we’ve been helping customers succeed with Internet marketing since 1997.


Every Day, Search Engine Algorithms Are Changing

To keep your website’s visibility high, it takes deep domain expertise in SEO. That’s exactly what PrairieWeb offers.

We think of SEO as a fluid puzzle, constantly changing as search engines revise their algorithms. Our proven, long-term SEO process improves website visibility to drive conversions and revenue.

Social Media Is Changing Your Buyers’ Behaviors

Customers compare notes with each other before they buy, via social media and word of mouth. That’s why you need to appear in social networks. Alone, SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) ads are no longer enough to keep your website in the spotlight.

Customers turn to social media and content marketing as they begin the buyers’ journey. They look through Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Google+, and other sites with specific questions they’re seeking answers to.

About 40% of a buyer’s social search precedes first contact with a company. More than half of social searchers share what they find with their networks, influencing a wide circle of friends.

To Win: Help Buyers Before You Sell

Know what buyers’ questions are. Provide solid, highly visible answers that buyers believe.

In business-to-business markets, about two-thirds of the buying process happens online. Customers start making their buying decisions before they begin talking to sales.

We can help you make your site more visible and competitive with the right Internet marketing mix. Keep customers coming back.

If this sounds a little bit like Marketing 101, it is. What’s changed are the online venues and methods buyers use to find you. New buyer behaviors are pressuring all businesses to keep up.

How can you make your Internet marketing much more effective?

Call our specialist today at +1-630-393-1419. It’s time to let us help you succeed in dominating your market.

Lead Generation

Make it easy for buyers to find you. Generate inquiries and qualified leads from customers. Make your business visible in the moments of truth when buyers decide!

E-commerce Sales

Generate profitable business. With paid and organic search marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing and advertising, soon you will be!

Content Marketing

Make it easy for buyers to find you. Generate inquiries and qualified leads from customers. Make your business visible in the moments of truth when buyers decide!