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Does Your Content Marketing Add Up to Revenue?

Focus on lead generation to win new customers and revenue.

Good Content Marketing can draw prospects to your website. But that’s not enough.

You need to convert lookers into customers. Generate a steady flow of inquiries and leads. Qualify buyers by setting up robust lead- generation process. Apply discipline to track leads until they convert.

The truth is, it’s getting harder and harder to tell where your best new customers will come from. Buyers have declared their independence from sales:

  • Buyers use 10.4 different online sources to research a purchase, a Google study found.
  • B2B buyers discover two-thirds of the information they need to buy through online research.
  • Only 12% of B2B buyers want to meet in person with a sales rep when making a purchase decision, Acuity Group found.
  • Only 16% want to discuss purchasing options with a sales rep by phone.
  • By the time B2B buyers reach out to sales reps, 70% of their purchase decisions have been made, says Forrester Research.

To convert lookers into customers, your content needs to show up as often as possible during buyers’ research. Answer buyers’ questions.

First help, then sell. Success takes insights into buyer personas, a solid content marketing strategy and the right combination of:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid search advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Lead qualification processes.

SEO for B2B Lead Generation

PrairieWeb: Working Together for Results

Help buyers before you sell. Buyers seek content to answer their questions and respond to specific worries, needs and issues. Optimize your website and content for search. In buyers’ eyes, you need to maintain a consistent presence throughout the buying cycle.

To succeed at search engine optimization (SEO) for B2B:

  • Research keywords and phrases prospects really use.
  • Create content that responds to buyers’ search needs.
  • Optimize webpages. Review titles, meta descriptions, your internal site linking structure, site architecture and code to ensure compliance with W3C and efficient page-loading standards.
  • Audit backlinks to ensure compliance with current linking standards.
  • Remove problem links to prevent automated and manual penalties.

Paid Search for B2B Lead Generation

Too often, marketers buy too many keywords, pay too much and overlook good opportunities.

Advertising Success Cycle

To succeed at pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, target the keywords and phrases that convert best. Bid on keywords cost-effectively. A comprehensive paid B2B search campaign takes these steps:

  • Research keywords and phrases prospects really use.
  • Target relevant keywords.
  • Set bids at prices that preserve profitability.
  • Add negative keywords to prevent paying for low-quality clicks.
  • Create and continually test ads to ensure high click-through rates.
  • Build and optimize landing pages to convert searches into sales.
  • Utilize paid search such as remarketing and LinkedIn advertising.

Content Marketing for B2B Lead Generation

Help before you sell. Content Marketing is all about providing the information that’s most valuable to buyers.

When you become the best source of content on your topic, buyers will come to you. That enables you to build strong customer relationships over time.

As buyers research online, content marketing can position you as a key influencer in buying decisions. That’s why more than 90% of marketers use content marketing today.

Yet most marketers are not succeeding at content marketing. Only 14% say they’re “very effective” at getting results. Many struggle to measure the return on investment (ROI) from content marketing.

The first problem is, most marketers lack a solid, written content marketing strategy:

Another problem is that marketers fail to offer the content buyers need for each step in thebuying process.

Buyers need to answer specific questions and consume specific forms of media. If they don’t find what they need on your website, they go to Google. When they do, you lose as much as half your potential online sales.

Finally, many marketers lack a disciplined lead-generation process. Lead generation is a balancing act, in which you need to address these questions:

  • Are you getting enough inquiries?
  • Do they come from the right prospects?
  • How do you get prospects to share their contact information?
  • How can you optimize your landing pages?
  • How are you capturing and qualifying leads at trade shows?
  • How do you qualify an inquiry as a qualified lead?
  • How effectively do marketing-qualified leads get handed off to sales?
  • Does sales accept marketing-qualified leads?
  • Can you track qualified leads through the sales pipeline?
  • Does sales have the content they need to close the deal?
  • Can you track leads to a no-buy, no-win or closed sale status?
  • Which lead sources produce the most customers and revenue?
  • What’s the return on investment of your content marketing?
  • Which lead sources do not lead to sales?

A robust lead generation process makes sure you get good ROI from your content marketing program. Successful B2B content marketing takes all of these steps:

  • Develop a content marketing strategy.
  • Gain insights through your buyer personas.
  • Create a content mix that includes blogs, videos, infographics, photos and other media to help buyers make good decisions.
  • Develop unique content based on questions real customers ask.
  • Challenge buyers: tell them what they don’t know about a problem or opportunity they didn’t know they had.
  • Educate buyers on how to compare options.
  • Market content through guest blogging, paid advertising, social media and other strategies.

Social Media for B2B Lead Generation

Facebook and Twitter make good places to start in social media. But today, social media goes well beyond those 2 channels.

Marketers are using LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube to engage successfully with buyers. To succeed at social media, you can:

  • Create personal and company pages on LinkedIn and Google+.
  • Establish a company account on YouTube.
  • Regularly update LinkedIn pages with original and curated content.
  • Interact with users, participate in group discussions and share thought-provoking content.
  • Increase interaction with targeted paid ad campaigns on LinkedIn.
  • Connect Google+ with your website to establish your company as a content publisher.

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