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PrairieWeb genuinely wants us to be successful

I feel like PrairieWeb genuinely wants us to be successful and will take the steps to make sure that the campaign will meet our goals. We have worked with other marketing companies before, but with PrairieWeb the communication is better. PrairieWeb cares enough about us to sit down and have a conversation so we can … [read more] "PrairieWeb genuinely wants us to be successful"

Doug Kempler, Owner

The first company that took an interest

PrairieWeb was the first company that took an interest in our business to understand the workings and mechanics of our products and services, which has been vital to our success on the web through them. Not only did they take the time to understand our business and the markets and industries we serve, but they … [read more] "The first company that took an interest"

Andy Harrington, Director of International Sales


Thank you very much for an informational seminar on marketing and the web. What must seem like the basics to all of you is eye-opening to me. I know somewhat what the web can and can’t do, but when you put the information out there in a straight forward—easy to understand seminar it makes better … [read more] "Eye-opening"

We could not be more pleased

Though our company had been offering its product line on Amazon since 2008, our sales volume had been flat and disappointing. One year ago, we contacted PrairieWeb and discussed our experience with their consultants, who said that they would research our Amazon offering and make recommendations for improvement. Within 48 hours, we had a conference … [read more] "We could not be more pleased"

William W. Kuntz, President

Easy to understand solutions for my website

I have worked with PrairieWeb for over 7 years. I have found them to be the only web marketing company that I have ever used that could take a complex situation and come up with easy to understand solutions for my website. They have helped me grow two websites that I have worked on for … [read more] "Easy to understand solutions for my website"

Mike Cielinkski, Director of Sales

Literally changed the way we do business

We came to PrairieWeb after a conversation I had with a friend (and existing customer of PrairieWeb) who had said his business had increased dramatically since PrairieWeb had optimized his site. It gave us the inspiration to change our approach to marketing by using the web along with the talents of PrairieWeb. As a result, … [read more] "Literally changed the way we do business"

PrairieWeb Internet Marketing

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