Content marketing has no doubt been the talk of the industry as of late. While some businesses may still question its ability to generate a return on the investment, content creation is an important piece of any company’s overall marketing strategy.

If you’re still on the fence about content marketing, here are three benefits of establishing content that might help change your mind:

Build Brand Awareness

Content marketing is all about engaging readers and building relationships. Continually providing readers with useful information, not just sales pitches, helps to build awareness and can create a strong following for your company.

According to a recent survey from the Custom Content Council, 68 percent of consumers like custom content because it’s tailored to their interests and 55 percent say they’re more apt to buy a product from a company who provides them with custom content. With a following comes trust and comfort, trust and comfort can contribute to sales later on down the road.

Generate Traffic

Unique content can spark an interest in the public and bring in a good amount of traffic. New videos, infographics, and blog posts go viral every day and can reach hundreds or even thousands of prospective customers and lead them back to your site.

By adding the right keywords to your posts, your content also helps to boost your website’s rankings in search engines. By sharing your content on other industry related blogs, you can not only find a new audience, but also build quality links. To make your business more visible through search content:

  • Create a company blog and social media pages
  • Post  quality content on social media
  • Submit informational or how-to videos
  • Write articles to share on other online publications
  • Send out email newsletters
  • Participate in guest blogging opportunities

Thought Leadership

Effective content marketing allows you to demonstrate your expertise. You already know your industry and content provides a way for you to share that knowledge and receive recognition for it. You can post articles that offer solutions to commonly asked questions or concerns,  share how-to videos demonstrating a special technique or use of a product, or even create an infographic showcasing the benefits of one of your services.

By providing customers and prospects with quality information, you develop credibility. This credibility will cause visitors to see you as a thought leader in your industry and come back  to learn from you again and again.