Change in Perspective for Fourth Quarter Business Goals

Spooky Creatures and Fourth Quarter Business Goals

Halloween’s coming soon, so I recently asked my 7 year old neighbor Jason about his opinion on spooky creatures.

I thought he’d mention witches, vampires, giant spiders, and balrogs.

Bats are the worst,” he whispered (as if some were lurking close by). “Bats drink blood. They have rabies. If they’re hanging from a tree they could drop right down on my head and eat my ear.”

I pulled up the bat picture above on my phone.

“You mean like this?”

“Yes! If I see any bats hanging from a tree on Halloween, I might run home.” I tried to reason with him, and give him the facts about bats (generally harmless mammals), and rabies (less chance from a bat that a dog or cat), but he couldn’t see it. He was locked into his perspective on bats.

So, I shifted the picture around 180 degrees and something funny happened. It caused a change in perspective. (Even Jason could see this.) However over the picture to see the change.

Bats hanging from a tree—now upside down

Bats hanging from tree—now upside down. Original image used with permission from The Telegraph.

Now the bats looked different. They looked funny—like they were doing a dance, or about to engage in some clandestine activity.

“Oh my gosh, look I see all their genitals,” he snickered. The bats no longer looked creepy. Now he was ready to hear some facts on bats.

Perspective affects everything, with creepy bats and business growth.

The bats didn’t change, just Jason’s perspective did.

Perspective affects everything from bats to business growth.

“It’s only when you drop yesterday’s assumptions that you can glimpse tomorrow’s patterns and possibilities. To see deeper, unsee first,” stated Umair Haque, business consultant, contributor to Harvard Business Review, and author of “The New Capitalist Manifesto.”

Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. That’s what many business owners do, repeat the same thing, expecting different results. They often stay in a rut with fourth quarter business goals.

So, this blog is to challenge your perception and help you unsee some things. It’s to challenge you to leave behind the insanity of repeating the same thing and hoping for different results, especially with fourth quarter business goals approaching, and just beyond that a new year, with all of its potential for new success or repeated failures.

I want to challenge your perspective. Take a minute to watch this video clip on perspective and then I’ll have a few questions for you.

Now, I have just five questions for you to ponder about the power of a change in perspective and how that might affect your fourth quarter business goals:

  1. Are you going to be thinking the same way about business growth in the next 3 months that you always have?
  2. Are you measuring sales in the same way you did before?
  3. What worked for you in 2014?
  4. Do social media likes and shares really matter?
  5. What can really help you gain leads and sales?

Don’t stay in a state of unseeing or keep up a pattern that’s never worked. Fourth quarter is the perfect time to see some new possibilities. Einstein would tell you it’s a smart move to try something new. Call us now to have a free brainstorm session. Contact us to see your business picture in a new way.

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