Lead generation without investing in brand awareness? Are you kidding me?!

That may have worked online in the ’90s. But today, you need a balance between the two. The issue I see clients have with branding, especially branding via social media, is that it is very hard to measure, if at all. Plus they’re paranoid due to the lack of understanding its power.

Back in the early days of the internet, you could directly associate a lead with its direct source. It is more complicated today because of competition, video ads, banners, pop ups and all the other distractions you have on your results page. So, how many times must a prospect see your brand before they buy?

How many times did I see that brand already today?

In the old days of magazine ads and newspapers, it was the magic number of 7. Or at least that is what they told us. I have read articles saying 3 times and Google had once published 10.2 times. What is the effective frequency? I am going to let you pick the number. However, we can agree it is more than one time.

The effective frequency is the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message before a response is made and before exposure is considered wasteful.


Why is my competition outranking me?

The other question I get is, “Why does that company’s web site rank higher than mine and have more keywords indexed then me?” Well, the reason is related to the above question. It all comes down to exposure and good content plus the effective frequency.

When one site has many more keywords indexed than another, the majority of the time the higher-ranking site has:

  • more social network presence
  • more blogging
  • more relative on-page content

And this gives them more exposure to the prospect. By default, they have better effective frequency then your brand. When did you last update your content, or add new content?

Good relative content

The one thing that has not changed through the years is Content Is King. There are just more places to have content, and more content competition. Branding is a must-have. Content is not limited to text. It also includes video, infographics, photos, and more. Most importantly, it must be relevant to your target audience. There is a lot of crap content out there—be careful of what you post.

Where do you do this branding?

It was and still is a marketing mix. The difference is that the mix can be all online. Studies show that textual content combined with video content will give your site a boost in rankings and lead generation. The result is higher sales conversion. And yes, it does cost more today to make the same revenue you did in the past. I see that across all industries. Today you must be extra careful not to just throw away marketing dollars.

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