Santa is coming soon and we need to get ready.

Can I say Santa even though I celebrate Hanukkah (or Chanukah) or do I need to be politically correct and say “Holiday Harry” is coming? Whether you are PC or not, or celebrate one of the many different holidays or not, 4th quarter still means big business. And as businesses, we need to make the most of it.

If the trend continues (and it will), mobile will be one of the ways your customers will use to find goods and services. Make sure you are mobile friendly. Test your website with Google’s tool. Also remember that on mobile a prospect needs to find the correct information and take the appropriate call to action in 3 or fewer clicks. So, watch your navigation. And be fast—make sure your mobile speed is up to par.

People will be looking for coupons and discounts. Whether it is Black Friday or Cyber Monday, give them an offer. This is especially important for local businesses to gain more foot traffic.

Can your service or product be a good gift? Does your website allow for multiple addresses for shipping? This works well for products and don’t forget gift certificates!

Freeze the code. November and December is not the time to try new code or launch new functions. Save that for the slower season. So, you techies, finish up before Halloween.

Update your meta description to embrace the merry holiday. Promote the holiday sale. This should include your calls to action and value propositions.

Do some social seeding. Take advantage of the social networks your prospects play in. This is a very cost-effective way to get your brand in front of them before they are ready to buy. Marketing 101: how times does a prospect need see your brand before they buy? In the days of print it was the magic number of 7. Today online, it is at least 10.2 times. So don’t be shy—have a good social plan.

If you are doing any offline marketing, make sure to match that up with your online message. Use a special URL or offer code to track your offline marketing.

Do you keep track of your customers’ behavior? Now is the time to focus on your top customers. Customized emails work great. With Big Data, you know their buying habits, so now is a wonderful time to cross sell.

Still need help with ideas? Let’s sit down over a coffee and brainstorm!