Marketing Mix? Yes! When did this ever go away?

Does it cost more today to acquire a client or sell an item online? Of course it does. The are more options today. Not just the number of stores on the main drag in your town, but venues to purchase from. You can find a service on Twitter, order products on Facebook. You may even decide on a new outfit just because you saw one on Pinterest. Wow, lead generation on Pinterest? Yes, the are many channels out there and new ones appearing all the time.

Do you have a digital marketing mix in your 2018 plans?

Let’s go back 15 years. At that time the average customer used two touchpoints before they bought. Today that has increased to about six. Maybe even ten, depending whose research you read. Either way, it is way more than two.

Before the purchase

As you can see, there are plenty of channels consumers go to make a buying decision. Now add ADD and the “I want it now” syndrome, and it gets even more challenging to hold the attention of a consumer—especially if you have a long sales cycle. How do you stay in front of them from the very beginning to the end of the whole cycle? This blog is focusing on before the sale, but I would be happy to further the conversation.

Let’s get social—after all we are social human beings

Social media can be a great channel to start with. It works well for branding and generating interest. You can draw awareness in these channels. Your prospect can (and will) read what others are saying about you. I have talked with marketing executives that won’t use social media. Then we did a search on their company. Lo and behold, we found reviews and comments about them.

FACT: if you’re not talking about your company on social media, you can bet someone else is.

This is your opportunity to engage in conversation with a new prospect. I never understood why company executives ignore this one. They mentioned you; reply to them! Did you know that on Facebook a timer starts to measure how long it takes for you to reply? You can see this on a company page; e.g., “usually replies in 8 hours.”

Before the purchase, your prospects are looking for reviews, ratings and testimonials from your customers. These can be on sites such as Facebook, Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, and others. You can also use very demographically-targeted display ads on these platforms and online venues.

Real Example

We had one client who was closed on the weekends and did not want to pay for PPC or display ads on Saturday and Sunday. They had us shut off all weekend PPC, Google, Facebook, etc. On the Monday following that weekend, inbound calls and sales dropped like a rock. They missed a crucial touchpoint.

Think of it like a basketball game. Many players must touch the ball before it can make it to the basket.

Another touchpoint you have is with email. It’s critical to make sure that your email marketing aligns with your overall campaign message. Coordinating messages across multiple channels increases the success of the email campaign by approximately 22%. And opt-in emails help with this increase. It also keeps you in front of your prospects and customers throughout their buying cycle.

Text ads

You can use AdWords to attract the top, middle, and bottom of the sales cycle. This can be accomplished by identifying exactly what keywords people search for based where they are in the sales cycle. Add extensions to include interaction and clickable information right on the top of the ad. These can include coupons, text message extensions, and even phone numbers to provide instant gratification.

Mobile touch

Get prospects to download your app or opt-in to text messages. You can even set these messages to appear by date and time for appointment reminders. Or, a special sale to those who are within a distance radius of your store. I personally use the Bed, Bath & Beyond app. It gives me 20% off my entire purchase and I don’t have to reminder to bring any coupons.

Online mix

They all work together. You piqued their interest in social media, they signed up for your newsletter and maybe even text messaging. And we have only really talked about before the purchase. There are many options during the purchase and after. Let’s talk about your plans. Are you or your company taking advantage of the mix? Let me know how we can help!