Yes, we get it. Marketing, SEO, web development, etc., are indeed techie things. Customers expect to hear a lot of unintelligible jargon, and lots of agencies are more than willing to use those technical terms so prospects will know how “smart” they are. But do you really want to be hiring an agency just because they know the latest big words (and you’re afraid to handle it yourself because you don’t)? Or do you want a company that will do business-minded marketing?

Make sure your marketing company knows business.

There are more than enough buzzwords in the internet marketing industry to make just about anybody sound competent, but marketing can’t take place in a vacuum or with a cookie-cutter approach. Is your marketing company as skilled at business as they are at marketing? Running a business requires a unique skillset and an entrepreneurial focus, as well as the ability to set goals and establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to help measure results. Choose a marketing company that does more than follow current trends and tactics, but is strategic and goal-oriented.

Make sure your marketing company cares about your business.

While businesses within certain industries may have similar needs and approaches, you want a marketing company that demonstrates an interest in your unique company and the goals and measurements that truly matter to you and your success. Your agency should make the most of its experience with companies similar to yours, but if there’s no personal touch and sense of investment in your growth and profitability, you should look elsewhere.

Communicate your business goals—and results—with your marketing company.

Your ideal business-minded marketing agency is a committed and compassionate partner in meeting your goals—but you are responsible to outline and communicate your goals, expectations, and KPIs to them. No one knows your business better than you, so to empower your agency to get results for you, you must take an active role in equipping them with the knowledge they need to take the ball and run with it. They are experts in marketing, but you’re the expert in your business—maybe even industry. Tailored marketing requires knowledge and insight so they can market your actual company/product(s)/service(s) and not just a generalized version. And without a doubt, the more your marketing company understands your business, the better the results will be.

Make sure your marketing company is also technical.

Clearly, you can see that a business approach is essential to a thriving agency relationship. But that doesn’t minimize the importance of marketing expertise. Your marketing company should have the technical skills and knowledge, and be tuned into the ever-changing landscape of trends and tactics in order to actually do the job you’re contracting them to do. So look for an agency with longevity in the field, real results, and skill at anticipating and pivoting with the changing tides of the web.

PrairieWeb has been a business-minded internet marketing company since 1997 (back when Amazon was a toddler). We’ve seen a lot of shifts over these past two decades—and many companies, services, and trends have come and gone. But the one constant is that every company needs to be positioned in front of customers and prospects, and our results have been increasing leads, sales, and revenue across a variety of industries. Have questions or looking to get started with marketing services? Give us a call or contact us!