Yes, I hear your objection immediately. “Why should I care if my marketing company is happy? After all, I’m the client, and they should worry about keeping me happy.” We don’t disagree, and we kinda asked the question for the “shock and awe” value. Of course, as marketers, we want to keep our clients happy. But, there are steps and actions our clients can take that will make our relationship even more productive and get you better results—and that makes us happy!

Single Point of Contact

You’ve heard the adage about “too many cooks”—and it’s just as true in business (and marketing) as it is in the kitchen. You probably have a number of decision-makers and contributors within your company structure that weigh in on the direction of your business. We get that. But since those internal conversations can cover a lot of ground, take a bit of time, and sometimes reverse course based on your needs and goals, it’s best to filter it through a single point of contact once it goes to your marketing partner. We’re agile and can make adjustments along the way based on results, or just the need to change course. And while it’s still important to be made aware of “what-ifs,” it can be counterproductive to have a number of voices giving us direction—especially if the instructions seem out of alignment.

Having a single point of contact as much as possible (we realize there are times we need to talk to other staff, managers, and even third parties) streamlines communication and helps reduce confusion or, to be honest, power plays. Miscommunication, or missed opportunities can be avoided with a streamlined system—and that makes us happy.

Own Your Own Assets

Marketing and web development is, quite often, “techie” business. And the temptation is to hand all the keys over to your marketing partner and never look back. While it certainly can make it easier at first for us to do all the account setup, content creation, etc., it should always be on your agenda (and in your best interest) to take control—either from the start, or by regaining full administrative power over your own assets after it is initially set up. Is it because you can’t trust us? No—we want you to be able to trust usbecause of the fact that we value your ownership. In reality, it’s because we’ve had to work so hard on behalf of new clients who were badly burned by other marketing and web partners. It’s hard enough to wrestle back your own credentials after “breaking up” with an agency. It’s far more difficult to do it on behalf of someone else.

We want to have a great, long-lasting relationship with you. But we don’t want to do it by holding your assets hostage. They’re yours, and you should have the final control—and that makes us happy.

Read Marketing Reports

Writing an unread marketing report is like sending it out into the void. I know the charts and numbers can kind of blur together from month to month, but we know that data is powerful—but only as powerful as the action that results. We’re constantly accumulating data on behalf of our customers, and interpreting that data helps us to make better decisions about allocating resources to achieve business goals. If you don’t read marketing reports, is it because:

  • You’re too busy.
  • You don’t understand the metrics.
  • They seem irrelevant.

If you’re too busy for the reports, that’s concerning. Hopefully it means you’re getting so many leads from our efforts that obviously things are working. But still… it’s your business. Checking in to see what the data says is still important.

If you don’t understand the metrics or they seem irrelevant, it’s important to communicate that with your marketing company. Have your goals been fully defined? Have they been clearly communicated to your agency partner? Have they implemented it, or merely disregarded you and gone with a cookie-cutter approach? We work with our client companies with business goals at the forefront. It metrics don’t point to the achievement of goals, client feedback helps us measure the right things—and that makes us happy.

Keep Partners in the Loop

Effective marketing requires a mix of tactics, strategies, and platforms. Some efforts don’t natively “show up” in our dashboards and data gathering—especially if we didn’t set up the campaign. Are you doing your own email marketing? Visiting or exhibiting at tradeshows? Do you have foot traffic at your business location? Did your kid (or mom) promote you on Instagram or Pinterest? We are thrilled to partner with clients for what they need us for, but we’re also thrilled for their in-house initiatives. We just wanna know about them. What was that huge spike in traffic on Thursday? Why the sudden popularity of this product? When we can tie the data to all these efforts, that makes us happy.

Our greatest concern is the happiness of our customers, and our own happiness is a great side effect of awesome marketing results. Want to make your marketing company happy? Help us help you crush it in your marketplace!