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PrairieWeb: Internet Marketing Since 1997

Our Experience

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Founded in 1997, PrairieWeb became one of the first SEO companies and is one of the pioneers in the industry. With direct experience in marketing with original search engines like Alta Vista, Yahoo!, WebCrawler, AOL, MSN, and others, on to today’s global search engine giants Google and Bing, our knowledge base and wealth of expertise are without parallel. Because we have such fundamental familiarity with search engine “behavior,” we have the ability to understand and even anticipate search engine algorithm changes. Foundational understanding equates to a greater long-term effect. This is part of what differentiates us as internet marketers from our competitors.

A track record that spans the age of the Internet itself and the experience gained from it.

We bring together decades of search engine marketing and business experience to develop effective marketing strategies for diverse ecommerce and business-to-business (B2B) clients, consistently helping companies like yours dominate their markets.

Besides marketing for our clients, we have launched our own ecommerce companies and market them ourselves, so we know what works and what doesn’t work. We deal in practical, proven methods—not theoretical marketing.

Our office in Aurora, Illinois, makes us a central location for face-to-face meetings anywhere in Chicagoland. We always welcome visitors, phone calls, or email, so however you choose to do business with us, your experience will be a personal one.

Our People

Our founder and CEO Brian Lewis brings to the table expertise in the ever-changing arena of the World Wide Web and in all aspects of running a business. PrairieWeb maintains an in-house staff specializing in marketing, search engine optimization, PPC management, content creation, social media, web development, and internet best practices.

Our staff have their fingers on the pulse of the top search engines and stay educated on current trends. With experience in managing client accounts from B2B industrial equipment to retail baby fashion, our team can develop and execute a strategy that matches your business’s unique needs. Call PrairieWeb at (630) 393-1419 ext. 10 to discuss your marketing.

More PrairieWeb Tibits

PrairieWeb is a past member of the advisory board for the Interactive Marketing faculty for NIU and currently is a frequent guest speaker at Aurora University. CEO Brian Lewis has appeared as an internet marketing expert numerous times on major network television channels, including Fox, CBS, and CLTV. In addition, he has been interviewed many times by the Chicago Tribune. He is considered an expert on the lecture circuit and speaks regularly at seminars including The CEO Forum, NATD (National Association of Telephony Distributors), ERA (Electronic Resellers Association), The Small Business Expo, and others.

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