Project Description

Brief: Reduced PPC cost per lead by 50% to increase profitability. Accurate Auto Insurance specializes in drivers with a less-than-perfect record, with tickets or accidents, and with a need for SR-22 coverage.

In April 2011, Accurate Auto Insurance came to PrairieWeb with a set of problems: they wanted to improve their PPC (Pay Per Click) performance and their organic search rankings and traffic. This was not an easy task for the PrairieWeb marketing team, as the auto insurance industry is very competitive, which means that PPC costs are often high and it can be quite difficult to rank on the first page in Google. By putting its extensive experience with PPC and search engine marketing to use, the PrairieWeb marketing team was able to reduce Accurate’s monthly PPC costs by 56% and increase their organic search traffic by 50% by April 2012.


The PrairieWeb marketing team began the process of improving Accurate’s PPC performance by working hand-in-hand with them to determine what each lead was worth and, based upon that number, how much they were willing to pay for each PPC lead. Once the PrairieWeb marketing team had this number, they conducted an analysis of Accurate’s existing keywords to determine which ones were generating leads and which ones were not, and then shifted the focus of the PPC campaign to the most profitable keywords.

Through careful monitoring of the keyword list, which included the removal of less productive keywords, the addition of more productive keywords, and the adjustment of bids for keywords and budget for ad groups, the PrairieWeb marketing team was able to significantly improve Accurate’s PPC performance. Accurate’s cost per click was 42% lower in April 2012 than it was the previous year, its cost per conversion is 44% lower, and its monthly cost is 56% lower.

Organic Search Rankings and Traffic

In order to improve Accurate’s organic search rankings, the PrairieWeb marketing team began a four-fold process of link building, local marketing, and website optimization that included changes to the content on Accurate’s website.

The results of this process speak for themselves: Accurate now ranks on page one of Google for each of its branch offices, and organic traffic to the site has increased by 50% from April 2011 to April 2012.


None of the results above were achieved overnight–it took careful analysis, regular monitoring, and strategic changes for the PrairieWeb marketing team to improve Accurate Auto Insurance’s PPC performance and their organic search rankings and traffic. Now, Accurate is headed in the right direction, and its website is a profitable lead generation tool.