Project Description

Increased profitability through website optimization and careful management of PPC. Serving the restaurant industry, Aprons and Smocks offers a large selection of high-quality aprons and smocks at competitive prices.

1,182% Growth in B2B Online Sales

Aprons and Smocks, a B2B company selling restaurant apparel was at a business impasse back in 2010. The Illinois-based company had been launched in 2008 and owner, Mike Cielinski, wanted to see the growth he believed was possible. But he couldn’t do it himself. “From the very beginning when the company was launched, I believed that the potential for B2B online sales was tremendous—because of the reach of the internet.”

Mike became aware that the website wasn’t performing the way it should be. It wasn’t converting people from visitors to customers, so Mike Cielinski decided he needed help. “’Go find the best internet marketing firm in the Chicago land area, I’d told my assistant.’ PrairieWeb Internet Marketing was it. I went for an initial, free consultation.”

“I wasn’t aware of all of the issues until that meeting. I knew that if more than 4 people were on the site at the same time, it would crash. I also had known that customers paying by credit card found the check-out confusing. But, I learned more. The site wasn’t user friendly. It was hard to navigate. The drop downs weren’t working. The contact information was too small. The product categories weren’t set up to make it easy for visitors.”

Mike also learned that the website wasn’t performing well organically. “Our organic traffic was very low back then,” Mike remembers. “The pictures on the site weren’t labeled. On page content—we had nearly none! And the content we did have was used over and over again—exact duplication. This was hurting the site with the search engines. I was determined to get it turned around.”

Aprons and Smocks started working with PrairieWeb Internet Marketing in June of 2010. “Changes to the website were started immediately—doing anything and everything PrairieWeb suggested. Within just months I began to see, for the first time, serious growth in our B2B online sales.”

PrairieWeb worked with Aprons and Smocks to correct the flaws with the website: navigational issues, correcting duplicate content, optimizing the site for better performance with search engines, developing a content plan. Also, focused PPC campaigns were developed and a content promotionplan. It was 4 years ago that PrairieWeb began helping Mike to with Aprons and Smocks’ online presence.

“The growth has not just improved. It’s been tremendous.” In the first six months of working with PrairieWeb, Aprons and Smocks’ monthly revenue increased 34%. The annual revenue increased from June of 2010 to June 2011 by 158%. The increase in annual revenue from June 2010 to June 2014 was 1,182%.

When asked why he’s enjoyed working with PrairieWeb, Mike cites the incredible growth, but has other reasons as well. “PrairieWeb always stays on top of the changes that are happing with internet marketing. They know about changes in algorithms and marketing ahead of time, and know how to advise me for my business goals. Also, PrairieWeb is easy to work with. They’re straight forward. They’re available to me. There are some companies that will charge for every question I might have. PrairieWeb gives me time to talk and ask questions. It really is a partnership.”

Mike is excited about the future of Aprons and Smocks. Anyone talking to him can hear it in his voice. “I enjoy continually improving the website and the business. I always try to do everythingPrairieWeb advises, and I’ll keep doing it. Otherwise I won’t see the growth I want to see.”

Mike believes there is tremendous potential for B2B online sales. “Retail on the internet is still in the baby stage.  Most of us haven’t seen and couldn’t imagine what’s going to happen. The power of the Web has been barely touched.  Huge numbers for sales are available because of the internet, and it’s thrilling to be part of this growth.”

PrairieWeb Internet Marketing is thrilled to have been able to partner with Mike for Aprons and Smocks’ growth. Partnering with companies to help them dominate their online market and increase their B2B online sales is what PrairieWeb strives to do.

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