Project Description

In 2007, Brian Lewis, one of the founders of PrairieWeb, and Robert Taylor were looking to launch a start-up business in an under-served product market. The PrairieWeb team conducted a market analysis on Google and discovered that there weren’t very many places to find quality dog collars and other high-end dog-related merchandise on the internet, and Dog Collar Boutique was born. Dog Collar Boutique is now one of the premier destinations on the web to buy high-end dog collars and has close to 10,000 visitors per month.

The Website

By running a Google market analysis, the PrairieWeb team was able to determine that the dog collar market was extremely fragmented, with no clear leaders, which made it ideal for an ecommerce strategy. Dog Collar Boutique was founded with the purpose of dominating search for dog collar related terms, and, once the PrairieWeb team had designed and developed the site, it quickly began to take over the dog collar market.

Since its launch in April 2008, Dog Collar Boutique has had over 900,000 visitors and now averages close to 10,000 visitors per month. Part of the site’s success can be attributed to the focus the PrairieWeb marketing team has placed on building the ecommerce functionality of the site: the site is designed to help customers easily find and buy the perfect collar for their dogs.

Dog Collar Boutique also shows up on the first page of Google search for keywords like “dog collar” and “designer dog collars,” even though the amount of competition for dog collars has significantly increased since the site was founded. By marketing the company using search engine optimization, PPC campaigns, and social media, the PrairieWeb marketing team has enabled Dog Collar Boutique to remain in the top tier and compete with brands like PetSmart, Petco, and Hot Dog Collars.

Social Media Marketing

The PrairieWeb marketing team has leveraged social media to help Dog Collar Boutique succeed in a competitive industry. Dog Collar Boutique was actually the test subject for the PrairieWeb marketing team’s first Facebook campaign, and its page now has 10,000 fans.

Facebook is now a vital part of Dog Collar Boutique’s branding strategy, and the PrairieWeb marketing team uses the page to leverage the passion that people have for their pets. The conversation on the page is about dogs, and the high sign-up and growth reflect people’s willingness to participate in a merchant sponsored community.

The PrairieWeb marketing team also writes a blog for Dog Collar Boutique, which works with their other social platforms to build brand awareness. The blog has established Dog Collar Boutique as an authority in the high-end dog collar market, and it’s a great tool for promoting particular vendors.


Through a combined strategy of search engine optimization, PPC campaigns, and social media campaigns, PrairieWeb’s marketing team has made Dog Collar Boutique a successful ecommerce business that steadily builds it clientele in what is now a competitive market.