Project Description

US Hose Corporation came to PrairieWeb because they wanted to take advantage of the growing opportunity that the internet presented for their business and their industry. With PrairieWeb’s help, they have been able to increase their website traffic by at least 10% a year, reduce their PPC (Pay Per Click) costs per conversion by more than 90%, and eliminate their reliance on trade shows and directories.

The Website

PrairieWeb was just one of several companies that US Hose Corporation approached when they were looking to have a website created, but PrairieWeb was the only one of those companies that took the time to learn about US Hose Corporation’s products and the company’s place in its industry.

PrairieWeb worked hand in hand with US Hose Corporation to design and build their website and has continued to work with them to improve the site and keep it optimized for SEO purposes. Through this dedication, the traffic to their website has increased by at least 10% a year since 2008.

The PPC Campaign

When US Hose Corporation first began their PPC campaign, their conversion rates were low and their cost per conversion was high. Through careful optimization of the PPC campaign, the PrairieWeb marketing team was able to significantly improve these numbers.

Since 2008, PrairieWeb has reduced US Hose Corporation’s cost per conversion by 93%, with the bulk of the reduction taking place between 2008 and 2009, when their cost per conversion was reduced by 88%. PrairieWeb has also significantly increased their conversions per year, as they have increased by more than 2000% since 2008.

PrairieWeb rebuilt the website in 2014, moving to WordPress content management.


Through PrairieWeb’s help, US Hose Corporation was able to gain a competitive advantage over their competition, as they were able to leverage the opportunities that the internet presented to them. Their success with getting leads online has enabled them to reduce their participation in trade shows and their trade directory listings, and they now have an international business that has grown even in a struggling economy.