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My site is no longer on the first page of Google, what do I do?

The first step is to identify whether the drop in ranking is a result of a manual penalty or an algorithmic update. If your site has been issued a manual penalty, Google will provide further information in Webmaster Tools as well as information on how to get the penalty removed. If the drop is due to an algorithmic update, the steps you need to take depend on which update affected your site. Regardless of the reason for your rankings decrease, you should always take steps to improve your onsite content to help with rankings. For further help, read our related blog post: My rankings went down, what do I do?

How do I get started with social media?

Getting started marketing on social media can be intimidating with all of the different platforms and features that are currently available. For business to business (B2B) companies, the best options are Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn because they are the best for connecting with other professional contacts. B2C companies should also utilize Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, because you can interact with many potential customers. Here are a few more tips about getting started on social media: The Basics of Social Media Marketing.

For more in-depth information about Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn, please check out our series of Social Media Guides.

Will a site redesign affect my rankings?

Any changes to the color scheme, fonts, and layout will not affect your performance in search engines. However, changes to the link structure, organization of pages, and content can have a big impact. Depending on how you execute those changes, the end result could be positive or negative. For more information and a few SEO redesign tips, check out our related blog post: Will a site redesign affect my rankings?

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