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Is your health score 90 or above? If your score is below 90, we can put together a list of actions items to get your score back up. If you score below 60, you need to take action now. This free website audit is a small sample of what we would review when creating your digital plan.
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Other areas to examine

Once your free website audit is completed, we can take a look at your competition too. We can view your competitions’ online performance as well as their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and see where they are attracting your target market. By combining all these efforts, together we can identify new areas to gain market share, create out of the box campaigns, refine content plans and more. The result, more market share for your company. Let us help you create or refine your digital plan.

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Other tools that you can use, Google Mobile test. Mobile speed and visibility is very important for the user experience. Slow mobile speeds will also affect your SEO’s SERP.