Online Marketing Pricing


Starts at $1,995 per month

SEO and paid search marketing form the foundation of your plan. Our services are based on years of experience, industry best practices, comprehensive analysis, and backed by actionable monthly reporting.

BASE + Content

Starts at $2,990 per month

Add content marketing to grow your reach deep as well as wide! You're the authority in your industry—your customers will recognize it, trust you, and keep coming back for more of the knowledge you publish for their benefit.

BASE + Social Media

Starts at $3,240 per month

Add social media marketing to listen, engage, and connect with your customers where they spend their time and interact with friends, family, and brands they trust. Or choose social media a la carte starting at $1,245 per month.


Save 15%! Starts at $3,642 per month

Accelerate your marketing growth by diving into all the online channels available to you—search engine optimization, pay-per-click and other paid marketing, content creation and marketing, and social media management.

Base Online Marketing Package

Includes Measurable Monthly Report on All Active Campaigns

Starting at $1,995 per month

Company Analysis

  • What Are Your Online Goals?
  • Site Usability
  • Search Engine Compliance

Website Analysis

  • Online Competitive Analysis
  • Visitor Behavior
  • Visitor Personas
  • Site Usability
  • Search Engine Compliance

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Trend monitoring
  • Keyword research to make sure the site is targeting (and providing answers to) the questions people are asking in search
  • Review titles and meta descriptions
  • Review on-page content
  • Review internal linking structure
  • Review site architecture
  • Review site code to make sure it complies with W3C standards as well as efficient page loading standards
  • Backlink audit to make sure that the site complies with current backlinking standards to prevent or remove any kind of automated or manual penalty
  • Provide link-earning strategy
  • Establish a content plan to help target the longer tail keywords and attract new prospects
  • Review mobile responsiveness

Paid Campaigns

  • Keyword analysis
  • Keyword research to make sure the PPC plan and ads are targeting the keywords that people are searching
  • Continuously combing through the keywords to ad negative keywords (keywords that ads shouldn’t be showing up for)
  • Creating new ad content to test against other ad content to find what gets a higher click through rate.
  • Creating new ads to test one landing page against another landing page to see what converts better
  • Updating the landing pages on the site to help increase the quality score (which will help bring cost-per-click down) and improve conversion rates.
  • Continuously looking for ways to expand the PPC plan. Whether there is a new campaign, adgroup, or keywords to add.
  • Building out the different features for PPC including sitelink extensions, phone extensions…
  • Target persona evaluation
  • Manage paid search
  • Manage paid shopping
  • Assistance with affiliate programs

Content Marketing

Starting at $1,795 per month*

*Base package required

  • To aid in the SEO efforts, create a content plan to increase traffic and leads based on longer tail keywords
  • Research topics to write content (on-page, blogs, articles, white papers, etc.) based on the keywords being targeted for the site
  • Gather information necessary to create a piece of content (whether through our own research, or an interview process with a person knowledgeable on the topic)
  • Create the piece of content from the acquired information
  • Submit content for feedback or edits and make any changes requested
  • Upload content to site and optimize the page to tie in with the goals
  • If the content is off-page (blog, article, white paper, etc.), promote on social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) as well as industry-related blog sites, networks, and forums
  • Two short blogs and one medium blog per month (additional blogs of varying lengths and frequency available as add-ons)

Social Media

Starting at $1,445 per month

  • Create client pages on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other relevant social media channels (setup fee may be required if social profile needs to be created or brought to standard)
  • Post to appropriate platforms
  • Curate content
  • Engage, mention, manage notifications
  • Daily updates to networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn updates daily (sample list)
  • 2-3 daily posts to networks like Twitter
  • Regularly update social media accounts with original content and content curated from other sources
  • Build followers by engaging target audience through trending topics, discussions, and content sharing
  • Find and join communities and groups relating to client’s industry and customer base
  • Created content (content campaign or client-provided) will be shared in the industry-related communities and groups in order to engage potential clients