PrairieWeb helps you succeed in direct mail marketing. We work with you to:

  • Define and target your audience
  • Outline and craft your marketing message
  • Plan digital integrations
  • Partner with and oversee print-ready design
  • Manage print suppliers and mailers
  • Report on outcomes and adjust accordingly
  • Develop a campaign calendar for future mailings

Direct Mail Management to Help You Combine Print with Digital Marketing for Solid Response and Valuable ROI

While everything thinks digital is the only way to market these days, the truth is that print marketing via direct mail is still as powerful as ever. In fact, combining this tried-and-true (and hyper-targeted) method with internet marketing makes it even more valuable, and is ideal for local businesses, ecommerce, and even lead generation.

With direct mail print marketing, you can target ideal demographics for your products and services, and stand out with a contact method that is now nostalgically welcomed by consumers overwhelmed with digital communications like email and search or social media advertising. And unlike electronic communications, direct mail pieces can reach households or be passed along to friends and neighbors. Emails and media posts can also be shared, but are more likely to be passed over than passed along. While mailboxes were once full of paper, many companies have moved to virtual ads, creating a renewed opportunity for paid outreach.

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Add Direct Mail to Your Marketing Mix

Far from outdated and “old school,” direct mail in an effective addition to any marketing mix. With a high ROI rivaling social media and beating out search and display advertising, direct mail adds a high-value, personalized, targeted means of communicating your message that expands your reach and the potential of your other marketing channels.

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