“Get Me Foot Traffic”

If you have a storefront or local service area, then optimizing your online presence for local search is as important as any other web marketing approach.

When searchers look for your location online, do they find you, or do they find your competitor(s)? Is the address accurate and up to date? Are your store hours listed and current? Does your business manage your listings or are you at the mercy of search engines and user-submitted information?

We help you get control and make the most of your local search listings so that your customers can find you and visit your location.

Qualities of Effective Local Search and Map Listings

  • Managed by your company and consultants (not user-submitted or aggregated data that may be inaccurate)
  • Verified address, correct phone number, and hours of service
  • Links to your website and social media profiles
  • Search engine-optimized content about your company and products/services
  • Makes the most of free listings and appears on all major maps
  • Mobile friendly and provides a good user experience on all screen sizes
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Taking “Local” to the Next Level

Your local shop or service company doesn’t just compete with neighboring stores and businesses. You now compete with those companies and other comparable businesses throughout your region, and even distant companies providing amazing content, because your customers are online. So let us help you not only be present on your block and in your neighborhood, but where your customers “hang out”—online, and on their mobile devices.

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