“Supporting the Cause”

Nonprofit marketing shares many of the same methods as marketing for other companies and organizations (for-profit or not-for-profit), while also experiencing unique challenges. Working with limited resources, under public scrutiny, and regularly asking people for money can be daunting. Partnership with experienced nonprofit marketers is crucial to reduce the stress, ensure compliance with industry regulations, maintain privacy and security, and ultimately see results.

The greatest asset of a nonprofit is its story—mission, vision, and successes. The core of nonprofit marketing is communicating that story along with opportunities for potential patrons to come alongside and participate in the mission.

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Nonprofit Marketing Strategies

  • Events/event booking
  • Contests
  • Volunteer lead generation
  • Donation ecommerce
  • Donor/volunteer retention and nurturing
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Experienced and Compassionate Nonprofit Marketing to Reach Your Target Audience

Marketing approaches change constantly but can be critical to the growth of your nonprofit. With an agile partner, you don’t have to worry about keeping up—that’s what we do for you. And as the rules of search engines, social media platforms, ecommerce, and even offline integrations shift, we can anticipate and adjust, so that you keep getting found by your donors and volunteers, and so your organization can continue to meet the needs of your cause.

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