State of the Home Page… and More

The internet is a vast ocean of website properties. And everyone wants property with a view—especially online. A website that doesn’t meet your goals is one that does drive viewers to come and visit, and doesn’t encourage them to take action if they do come.

We review all the key elements of your website that influence your goals and the sites ability to meet those goals. Our experience with search engines like Google and Bing give us insight into meeting their guidelines for search engine friendliness and avoiding penalties. We even evaluate the technology behind your website and whether it meets SEO, user experience, security, and mobile responsive recommendations.

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Agile and Flexible Website Analysis for a Changing Online World

Website platforms and search engines change constantly. It can be hard to keep up, but you don’t have to worry—we do it for you. Sometimes minor changes can have a huge benefit on your marketing efforts, but other times deeper issues must be uncovered and corrected to achieve success. We help you take the deep dive to learn how your site can work harder for you.

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