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Always Come Home

While your office, storefront, or factory may be “home base” for your physical business, your website is “home base” for all your online content. You may (and should) have social media profiles, business listings, and other online interactions, but those are built on someone else’s digital property. Those other assets are important and drive brand recognition, outreach, and sales—but must ultimately bring customers and prospects back to your “home”: your website.

That’s why you need to get it right when you build, update, or rebuild your websites. You can save a lot of time, money, and regret if you start with the right questions before hiring a developer.

Asking the Right Questions

Too often, companies ask only one question when preparing to build a website: “How can I find a web developer or a web company to build my site?”

But, technical expertise alone doesn’t provide you with an effective website. Good websites that will drive traffic, leads, and sales take a balance of technical expertise plus marketing and measurement expertise during the entire process. We build websites that look great and function with excellence—and we always develop with marketing and SEO in mind so you’re ready for promotion.

Still deciding? We can help you prepare with a free checklist of questions to ask about website development. Download our handy checklist now.

Let’s Get Started!

We Can Develop Your Website or Work with Your Developer

We have a long history of web development on several platforms. Currently, we find that WordPress (incorporating WooCommerce for online sales sites) is an excellent platform for many of our clients. We also offer Drupal development, which is another popular and robust platform that is a particularly good choice for larger or enterprise-level sites. If you have your own developer, however, we will work with your developer to ensure that web-related marketing considerations are addressed at every stage of development to provide you with the best platform to reach your business goals.

Let’s Get Started!