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Website development is not solved by just hiring a technical company

Yes, Website development involves technical people but also marketing and measurement.  It involves more than just finding a “web guy” or Web company to develop your site. But you know this—odds are you already have a website and it may have gone through many versions.

That’s why you need to get it right when you build, update, or rebuild your websites. You can save a lot of time, money, and regret if you start with the right questions before hiring a developer.

Asking the Right Questions

The key is to develop a website that achieves measurable business goals.

This is done by considering other crucial factors, such as:

  • User personas
  • Stages of the buying process
  • Can the website be updated easily to accommodate your changes, as well as changes needed when search engines update their rules

So what do you need to ask yourself?

Let’s start here

Areas of concerns that need to be addressed are not just technical but also business goals, cost and return on investment.

There are a lot of business questions that need to be answered prior to website development. For instance:

Usability for the visitor

Can your prospect clearly understand what your company does and why to pick you?

Do you convey your Value Proposition?

Does the website match your current business sales process? You already have a successful offline process—did that change when you went online? If so, why?

Does the site answer the prospect’s questions and concerns throughout the buying cycle? If not, they will look at the competition to get the answer.

Will your website prompt the visitor to do your call to action in different stages of the buying process?  For example, there are different questions that a prospect (or even a returning customer) will have. Whether the prospect is in the investigation stage or at the buying stage, do they feel comfortable purchasing from you or even giving you their name and number for more information.

Is there a clear call to action? Does the visitor act on your call to action?

Those are just a few of the questions for Usability.

Search engine considerations

There are also search engine algorithms that need to be addressed during website development. This is not just for desktops but also how your site displays on tablets and mobile devices. Whether your prospects use mobile or not, the search engines do evaluate your mobile performance. Your website needs to be responsive to these devices.

The technical side of things

Your business goals can affect the technical side of things. Does your website need to communicate with a legacy system or other in-house software? Does your website support sales, and if so what stage(s) of the buying cycle. How much functionality is needed to achieve your company’s goals? Don’t cut yourself short here. Some technical website development such as an app or handy tool can keep visitors and clients coming back to your website and sharing your website with others.

How do you stack up against competition?

Are you dominating your online market? Even a small company can market itself more effectively against the large competitors.

How do you persuade to visitor to choose your company over the competition?

Do you have the look and feel that represents your company effectively?

Can you compete head to head or do you need to find the white space?

Are you the big fish in the small pond or the little fish in the big pond?

These and other topics need to be discussed prior to starting website development. Contact us to discuss your website development needs.

Still deciding? We can help you prepare with a free checklist of questions to ask about website development. Download our handy checklist now.

Let’s Get Started!

We Can Develop Your Website or Work with Your Developer

We have a long history of web development on several platforms. Currently, we find that WordPress (incorporating WooCommerce for online sales sites) is an excellent platform for many of our clients. We also offer Drupal development, which is another popular and robust platform that is a particularly good choice for larger or enterprise-level sites. If you have your own developer, however, we will work with your developer to ensure that web-related marketing considerations are addressed at every stage of development to provide you with the best platform to reach your business goals.

Let’s Get Started!