PrairieWeb was the first company that took an interest in our business to understand the workings and mechanics of our products and services, which has been vital to our success on the web through them. Not only did they take the time to understand our business and the markets and industries we serve, but they were the only company we met with that showed pride in designing our website. We met with PrairieWeb first, and their first impressions lasted and still remain with us today as we approach our ten year mark of service with the company.

PrairieWeb provides a dedicated Internet Marketing Consultant who acts as the go-between and interface between your business and your presence on the web. We are able to contact our Consultant to try out new PPC and SEO words and phrases, and he uses his talent to develop our business on the web. Working with PrairieWeb has been like driving a race car: we went from zero to 100 in seconds with them.

The amount of business and exposure we’ve gained on the web thanks to PrairieWeb is huge. If we had a ‘Vendor of the Year’ program, they would be it year after year. You won’t be disappointed with PrairieWeb.